Whatever your requirements I’d like to help and the following will give you some idea of what I can do for you.  However, each and every business is different and has different needs, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for please do get in touch.

Marketing strategy and planning

Presenting a consistent tone that reinforces your brand’s message across all your marketing activities is key to successful marketing.  Working closely with you, I can help you develop an integrated marketing plan that works for you and your budget.  And if you would like ongoing support, you can hire me as your “marketing department” to deliver your plan.

Design and layout of marketing literature

Well-designed marketing literature is key to presenting a professional image for your business, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.  I can help design and produce print ready artwork for all of your marketing literature requirements.  From adverts to annual reports, business cards to banners, menus to multi-page brochures, I can help produce a design which reflects your brand and which you can be proud of.  All artwork is produced in-house and kept on file, so it couldn’t be simpler to change it as often or as quickly as you require.  I can also deal directly with publications on your behalf if required.

If you’re an individual looking for invites or menus for a wedding or christening, or you want to lay down your memoirs in print, then I can help you too.  Simply contact me with your ideas and let me help you make it a reality.

Website review, design and build facilitation

Does your website need a little TLC?  If so, you’re not alone, but a good website is crucial and can help you stand out from the crowd.  I can help to review your existing website, suggesting ways in which you could improve this vital marketing tool, and work with your developer to ensure that updates are carried out to the smallest detail.  Or if you just need someone to maintain your website I can help with that too.

Social media & online marketing

If you’re not already using social media for your business then you need to start now – this is no passing phase!  Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter are essential tools, allowing you to engage with your audience on their terms.  I can help by creating a page or profile for your business, developing advertising campaigns, posting regular updates or putting together a social media strategy.  And if you haven’t thought about SEO, Google Analytics or Google Adwords, I can help with them too!

Email marketing

Are you still sending your newsletters as email attachments or even by post?  If so, maybe it’s time to consider email marketing.  Using an online service, such as iContact or Mail Chimp, I can help to set up a bespoke template, find ways to develop your mailing list and put together and send regular updates.

Event management

From launch events to multi-day conferences, I have experience in organising a variety of events and can help you to plan and coordinate yours to ensure it runs smoothly and packs a punch.

In addition to the above, I can also help with a variety of other services such as eBook development, client feedback procedures and survey development, simple databases, press releases, proof reading, and administrative services.

Whatever marketing issues you’d like help with, just get in touch and together we’ll find a solution.